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Muhammad Daham Hassan. Worked as a pediatrician at the Central Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq from 2000. Treated many victims of bombings during and after the 2nd Gulf War. Invited by a Japanese NGO, receiving medical training in Nagoya, Japan, for cancers and other pediatric diseases since January, 2004.

Dr. Daham gave us a message regarding the capture of three Japanese by Mujahideen.

We truly hope that his message will reach as many Iraqi people as possible. If you could help us a hand, please download his video message from the link at the top of this page and distribute it to people in Iraq.


I am Dr. Muhammad. With an invitation from a Japanese NGO (Save Iraq Children, Nagoya), I came from Iraq to Japan with a child suffering cancer and had been hospitalized in Basra, Iraq. The organization is not related to the Japanese Government and is looking for evidences of Depleted Uranium which contaminated the land of Iraq and affecting many Iraqi people and solders, as well as the return of Japanese soldiers to their country.

It has a peaceful meaning that there are Japanese who went to Iraq to help improving the health conditions of people in my country. In addition, those people’s activities support other Japanese who want to do the same to us. The kidnapped three Japanese were a part of those people. They went across my country border in order to show their meaning of peace apart from the decision of their government. However, now they are paying for what their government did.

I am all the same that I am facing the reality of occupation, even with determination, but not in the same way as you are. What you are doing right now is not the Islamic way to say “No” to occupation. We have to differentiate between the peaceful people and war minded people, then not to use this kind of aggressive illegal methods. The action you are taking will make many Western and Eastern people believe that Islamic people are war minded. So, all we have to do is to express what Iraqi, Arab, Muslim really want in order to ensure the peace while pursuing our freedom.



April 10, 2004